porpus: patient-oriented prostate utility scale
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The PORPUS Research Team


Murray Krahn, MD, MSc, FRCPC, is the Director of THETA, and holds the F. Norman Hughes Chair in Pharmacoeconomics, as well as academic and research positions at the University of Toronto, Toronto General Research Institute, and Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. He is an attending physician in General Internal Medicine at the University Health Network. Research interests include utility and health-related quality of life, clinical policy models, evidence-based medicine, and health economics.


Gary Naglie, MD, FRCPC, is the Chief of Medicine at Baycrest and a scientist and consultant at the University Health Network. He is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto, and holds the Mary Trimmer Chair in Geriatric Medicine Research at the University of Toronto. His interests include quality of life and utility measurement, drug policy, and pharmacoeconomics in older adults.


George Tomlinson, MSc, PhD, is a statistician with interests in meta-analysis, multilevel modeling for longitudinal and clustered data, and novel graphical techniques for presenting data and results. He promotes the use of the Bayesian approach to data analysis, which may solve problems better than traditional approaches.


Dr. Jane Irvine, D. Phil., C.Psych., was a clinical psychologist at the Toronto General Hospital before joining the Department of Psychology at York University in 1999. Her early research interests included quality of life and utility measurement. Her current area of research and clinical specialization is clinical health psychology with a focus on behavioural cardiology. She is also a registered psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.


Dr. John Trachtenberg, MD, FACS, FRCSC, is currently Professor of Surgery and Medical Imaging at the University of Toronto. He holds the prestigious Fleck Tanenbaum Chair in Prostatic Diseases at the University of Toronto and University Health Network. He is the Director of the Prostate Centre at the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Director of Prostate Services at the Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital. He was instrumental in the development of the prostate Clinical Research Program at the Princess Margaret Hospital.


Dr. Paul Ritvo, PhD, is a Behavioural Scientist at Cancer Care Ontario, an Associate Professor at York University and at University of Toronto, and an Affiliate Scientist at the University Health Network. His work focuses on health behaviour change in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease, particularly cancer, with an emphasis on evaluating effects through innovative approaches to quality of life assessment.


Shabbir Alibhai, MD, MSc, FRCPC, is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. He is a Scientist at Toronto General Research Institute and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute as well as a Staff Physician in General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at both University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. Alibhai's research focuses on cancer in the older adult, in particular decision analysis to identify optimal therapy, and the effects of treatment on quality of life.


Karen Bremner, BSc, is a Research Associate in Clinical Decision Making and Health Care at the Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network). Her interests include health-related quality of life and utility assessment, especially in prostate cancer patients. Recent studies are using patient surveys and administrative data to measure quality of life, patterns of care, and costs in cancer.

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